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Re: Simple number formatting problem

> p.s. F95 has a new formatting option, i0, which would print out 1 as
> "1", 10 as "10" etc. i.e. the leading blanks removed. Maybe this should
> go on a future IDL feature request list....? :o)

strtrim do remove leading blanks. and it would not be longer to write than
the Format thing.

What i really thougt is that the print command shoud print numbers without
any kind of formatting (means no leading blanks, no cutting out decimals...)
unless the format command is used.

It is a pain to keep on writing that strtrim stuff...
And when i need formated print i actually use the format keyword.

That's one other wish for me. Although i know it won't be wellcomed because
of back compatibility

                    Luis Alonso