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Re: Simple number formatting problem

Ben Tupper wrote:
> Hello,
> I been down this street before.  Try using the PARSE_FILENAME() function
> below.   I also added a sort_extension rotuine which worked on the files
> called Untitled.01, Untitled.12, untitled.03

[bunch of stuff snipped...]

Good lord! Maybe it's coz you use a Mac....?? :o)

The Fortran news group has regular questions about this exact same
thing. As David's answer points out, the use of iw.w formatting is oh so


p.s. F95 has a new formatting option, i0, which would print out 1 as
"1", 10 as "10" etc. i.e. the leading blanks removed. Maybe this should
go on a future IDL feature request list....? :o)
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