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Re: Simple number formatting problem

"Mark Hadfield" <m.hadfield@niwa.cri.nz> writes:

> "Luis Alonso" <luis.alonso@uv.es> wrote in message
> 8mbrv6$ra0$1@peque.uv.es">news:8mbrv6$ra0$1@peque.uv.es...
> > > p.s. F95 has a new formatting option, i0, which would print out 1 as
> > > "1", 10 as "10" etc. i.e. the leading blanks removed. Maybe this should
> > > go on a future IDL feature request list....? :o)
> >
> > strtrim do remove leading blanks. and it would not be longer to write than
> > the Format thing.
>  Yes, but removal of leading blanks via a format code would be handy for use

Not sure what you folks are arguing about.  IDL has had the I0 format
code for as long as I've known, and does exactly what you want!


IDL> print, 1, format='("<",I0,">")'
IDL> print, 10, format='("<",I0,">")'

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