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Re: Sound in IDL

Jörg Schliwa (joerg.schliwa@ewetel.net) writes:

> Well, that's pretty simple, but why can't even 'beep' (I think it rather
> sounds like 'bing', anyway) be found in idl's help??!!

This has been the traditional first question on the IDL
Expert Programmer's Association entrance exam. It weeds
the rift-raft out pretty quickly. If RSI documented it,
we would have to come up with a new question, and you
know how committees work. We'd be stuck for months. :-(

And, anyway, what would you say about it!? Beep -- makes
your computer issue a "bing" sound. There would be nothing 
but controversy in going that route.

I think we should just leave well enough alone.



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