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Re: Splitting JPEG files into RGB components

Dana Purton (dpurton@utas.edu.au) writes:

> I am attempting to read a JPEG file into IDL and then split it into the
> three colour
> components so that each component can be analysed separately.  I have
> been
> able to read it in and display it on the screen but am finding it
> difficult to separate it into its red,green,blue components. Is this at
> all possible with JPEG compression, and if so can anyone give me ome
> hints on how to go about it?

Assuming you read the JPEG image into IDL like this:

   READ_JPEG, myfile, image, True=3

You can get the RGB components like this:

   red = image[*,*,0]
   green = image[*,*,1]
   blue = image[*,*,2]

Here is a case where you *want* that single dimension
to disappear. :-)



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