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A[X,Y,Z] -> A[Z,X,Y]

I'm trying to analyze data from a new experiment using an IDL code from
a different experiment.  The new experiment has data stored in an array
of the form [X,Y,Z] while the code expects [Z,Y,X].  I can do something
like (untested):

  FOR i = 0, z-1 DO BEGIN
    FOR j = 0, y-1 DO BEGIN
      newarray[i, y, *] = oldarray[*, y, i]

But I thought perhaps someone (probably several people) here could
suggest a better (faster, more elegant, etc.) way?

Fyi, to give some size to the problem, X=1024, Y=39 and Z=3.

Dave Greenwood                Email: Greenwoodde@ORNL.GOV
Oak Ridge National Lab        %STD-W-DISCLAIMER, I only speak for myself