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Re: string to array conversion

Hi Alex, thanks for your answer,
I want to change the stringlength or produce new strings (delete and add
some words), example:


A               STRING    =
that's allright,
but if I write:
word=string('long strings are my problem')
         162          27
help,togehter     ==>       TOGETHER        STRING    = Array[2]

What's happen and how can I stop it ?


Alex Schuster schrieb:

> Karsten Schmidt wrote:
> > I want to create very long strings (300 characters and more), but
> > sometimes IDL makes an array with three or four dimensions. How can I
> > stop this conversion ?
> Can you give us an example of what exactly you are doing? I did not
> encounter this behaviour before, strings have always worked fine for me.
> IDL> help, string( bytarr( 20000 ) + 65b )
> <Expression>    STRING    =
>         Alex
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