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Re: Top 10 IDL Requests

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  wmc@bas.ac.uk wrote:
;[other stuff]

> Ah, no, thats not enough. I want, say,
structures which represent a data
> agglomeration (I'm trying not to say object)
with loads of header fields
> the same, but a few fields (maybe just the one
"data" field) different.
> So the storage is different. I know I could do
this by putting a pointer
> into the structure instead, but... I can't see
why IDL shouldn't do this itself.
> I guess I'm assuming that, when IDL stores an
array of strucutures, it doesn't
> store the structures consecutively anyway - just
pointers to the structures.
> In which case, it shouldn't matter what the
structure types are. I think.

William, David,

I have the same problem - I'd like to create a
hierarchical data structure, basically an array,
of structures (so I can use DataFile(1),
DataFile(2), etc...) Each structure consists of
headers, parameters, and *dynamic* arrays. So the
structures are *more or less* the same, but
differ in the lenght of their arrays. Using IDL
5.3 (sorry, our site has only this
version licensed) the contents of an array can
only be of one single type. My filestructures
are like this: {{header},{parameters},{data}},
where {data} is a structure with arrays of (from
file to file) different lengths. I only know at
runtime how long these arrays are.

Any solution ?

Otte Homan
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Zurich, Switzerland

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