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Re: page orientation

Kyung Byun <kbyun@fas.harvard.edu> writes:

> Hi--
> I was wondering if anyone knew how to set the device (or plot) so
> as to relocate the origin of a landscaped .ps plot, or
> rotate the image some more?  Specifically, I am using the following:
> SET_PLOT,'ps'
> DEVICE, /LANDSCAPE, filename=path+outFile+'.ps'
> ...and the result I get when I plop these .ps plots into a script that
> makes a web site with links to them is that the plots are upside
> down when viewed in Ghostview!  I couldn't find a useful keyword for
> rotating images in either DEVICE or PLOT.  

I have always experienced the "upside-down" landscape problem, and
have never figured out how to fix it within IDL.  Unless you are in
the southern hemisphere?  :-)

Solutions are:

 * post-process the postscript.  I use "xfig" under Unix every once in
   a while to rotate PS figures.  You could probably cobble something
   together with sed or perl or something that does the same.  I
   beleive that there are just a few lines that need to be changed in
   the postscript.

 * do it in portrait mode.  I think, with the right choice of XSIZE
   and YSIZE, you can even have a graphic that is shaped like
   landscape mode paper, but is actually done in portrait mode.

 * if you are doing graphics for the web, why not do GIF anyway?

Yes David, the seascape menu item does work, but it would be better if
IDL just worked as well as 99.9% of the other software out there.


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