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Re: Dynamic menus on base widget using MBAR

I tried this on UNIX and failed miserably. I asked RSI about it about a
year ago, and was told it is a bug, and that they filed it. I have no
idea if it has been fixed. I recently tried just deactivating menu items
using Sensitive=0, and it does work, but I had strange side effects.
When I deactivate a menu item and call another widget application from
the one with menu, then I can not re-activate the menu item later on
after I kill the daughter process. When I repetitively call daugter
process, I regain the ability to activate or deactivate menu or might
lose it again. I forsee David putting money on a programmer's error, but
the whole program is so small that I hardly agree to that. I might be
missing some Xmanager trick, but both widgets are called just with
/No_block, and that's it. Also, why would it only affect menus? All
other widgets work just fine.
Maybe, you can try to just change Value and Uvalue of menu items without
killng and replacing them?

Ricardo Fonseca wrote:
> Hi All
> Is there a way to dynamically change the menu on a base widget? When I begin
> my program I create a menu using the MBAR keyword on the WIDGET_BASE
> function. While it is running, and depending on user input, I'd like to
> change the menu to a completely different one.
> So far I've attempted to destroy the old button widgets and regenerating the
> menu, but it's not working.
> Any Ideas?
> Thanks in advance, Ricardo