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Re: Using Comm... err, alternative?

Pavel Romashkin <promashkin@cmdl.noaa.gov> wrote in message
> I have a short question. When you have several (identical, object
> plotting only) widget windows, how do you find out which one is the
> topmost without using a common block or defining a main-level variable?
> I use focus events all right, but I have not figure out where to keep
> the resulting information.
> I certainly will use a pointer if all those daughter windows are
> generated from a parent widget program. But how do I do this if I create
> them from a command line?

If you need to access an active non-modal widget from the command line
without using an a-priori reference (such as an object), then I think you
have to use either a common block or a user-defined system variable which
stores information about the widget. See Paul van Delst's WPLOT and WOPLOT
for an example of a case where this is required:

If anyone knows another way, let's hear it!