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wset equivalent in obj graphics?

What's the object graphics version of direct graphics'
wset command (IDL 5.2a) to make the desired window the
active one? I'm doing alot of processing and occasionally
the software spits out some data to a map_set, map_grid,
map_continents combo plotting thingy.
I originally used direct graphics for the plotting widget,
so I could use wset, e.g.

drawWID = widget_draw(baseWID, ...)
widget_control, drawWID, get_value=drawWindow
wset, drawWindow

Then, I decided to add printing and other cool capability
so I went to obj. graphics (Graphics_Level=2). Now get_value
returns an obj. reference and wset says nope. I can't seem
to tell my app which window to go to cause I can't wset it
so my plotting stuff goes to a wrong window (a direct
graphics window I also have up).