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Re: wset equivalent in obj graphics?

tb wrote:
> What's the object graphics version of direct graphics'
> wset command (IDL 5.2a) to make the desired window the
> active one? I'm doing alot of processing and occasionally
> the software spits out some data to a map_set, map_grid,
> map_continents combo plotting thingy.
> I originally used direct graphics for the plotting widget,
> so I could use wset, e.g.
> drawWID = widget_draw(baseWID, ...)
> widget_control, drawWID, get_value=drawWindow
> wset, drawWindow
> Then, I decided to add printing and other cool capability
> so I went to obj. graphics (Graphics_Level=2). Now get_value
> returns an obj. reference and wset says nope. I can't seem
> to tell my app which window to go to cause I can't wset it
> so my plotting stuff goes to a wrong window (a direct
> graphics window I also have up).
> tia

How do you draw at all if not: windowObj->Draw,IDLgrViewObject ?
The object reference returned from widget_control IS your window
But as there isn't another way of drawing object graphics I nearly
suspect I miss something here? (perhaps a joke?)
To an object graphics window you cannot draw direct graphics.
:-) marc