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Re: digitize a curve from an image

It's not any IDL program, but check out g3data at:


It should do what you want.  It looks like it was mainly written for Linux
but it will probably compile under most Unix platforms if you have gtk
installed.  I have compiled it for IRIX 6.5

Hope that helps,


In article <399D1679.CE7E5633@Risoe.DK>,
Kristian Kjr <Kristian.Kjaer@Risoe.DK> wrote:
>I have a gif file (B/W only, no greys or colours) showing a line graph.
>Now I would like to get hold of the x,y arrays represented by the curve.
>Has anyone written something to do that already?
>The coordinate axes are a little skewed in the image (originally
>Thanks for any help, Kristian
>Kristian Kjr, Physics Dept., Ris Natl. Laboratory, Denmark

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