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Is it safe for me to come out?


Well, I'm back from two weeks of summer school to prep me for the big
IDL-EPA exam.  (David, I still don't understand what mowing your lawn
and washing your car has to do with the test.  But I feel like I'm
really on top of things, except I can't seem to get anything but black
and red on my screen... just kidding.)

I have a question regarding the character set used for contouring in
direct graphics.  I have fooled with !P.Font and C_Charsize but have yet
to get results that will be satisfactory for on-screen presentations.
The characters tend to be much like a doctor's penmanship.  Is there a
secret incantation or special type of incense I should burn to yield
more readable characters when using the direct graphics CONTOUR command?



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