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Re: Mac HASP keys

This was the first thing I had to do when I got a G4. I got a Griffin
technology iMate - it is a USB to ADB adaptor. Extension for it is on
their web site http://griffintechnology.com, but I suggest not using the
beta one, it caused me to lose the dongle (and all contents of IDL
session) several times. But with their official release extension it
works like a charm.
After a quick look I found it on the web at MacZone.com for $40 at
. Maybe you can find it for even less than that.
Hope this helps.

Barbara A Cohen wrote:
> Hi,
> I use IDL 5.3 on a PowerBook G3.  I recently got an iMac at work and
> copied my program over, but I'm having a hardware key problem.  My
> PowerBook only takes serial (the HASP key I have now) and the iMac
> only takes USB.  RSI said that they think a serial/USB adapter will work,
> but they don't know.  Has anyone tried this?  I'd like to know if it works
> before I go spending the $80 for the converter.  Thanks!
> Barbara Cohen
> University of Tennessee
> bcohen@utk.edu