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Re: Modal widgets and Sending Events

David Fanning wrote:

> XManager knows that an event is internal to a program
> if the widget that generates the event (event.id) is in the
> widget hierarchy of the top-level base of that program.
> (And, of course, you registered the TLB when you called XManager.)
> How else would XManager know that you mean *this* XColors
> program and not *that* XColors program over there?

So, when XMANAGER sets things like Widget IDs into common blocks, those are
good for the entire IDL session (as long as Xmanager is managing) rather than
for the particular instance for a call to XMANAGER.  I don't know why, but had
I assumed that a common block was a private thing for a single call XMANAGER
(which at this point sounds stupidly like an oxymoron); thus if there are two
calls to XMANAGER I mistakenly believed that there were two common blocks.

I hope that mistaken assumption is forgivable since I have yet to knowingly
use a common block in any code.



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