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characters in ps

A rather simple question...
How do i display an...  ...character in a postscript file? (win: alt+0+2+2+8)
It comes out in a direct graphics window (SET_PLOT, 'WIN') though not in a ps file.

Is there something along the lines of the previously noted unicode !Z format code that can
be used in this situation? or do ineed to change to another font? or did i miss something

also has anyone tried 'Adding Your Own PostScript Fonts' (PSAFM)?

just for clarity {x86 Win32 Windows 5.2}


example code
!P.FONT = 0
DEVICE, SET_FONT = "Times-Roman"

DEVICE, FILE='test_out.eps'
    DEVICE, /ENCAPSUL, /color
    plot, DATA_x, DATA_y, xtitle = 'Funny >< Character doesn''t work'
Leon Majewski

Remote Sensing & Satellite Research Group
Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia

email: majewski@ses.curtin.edu.au