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Re: characters in ps

well only an hour after posting i find it. 
I had been trying things such as STRING("228B) which is the way with hershey fonts.

A_dd = STRING(228B) ; --> 

!P.FONT = 0

DEVICE, FILE='test_out.eps'
LoadCT, 1
    plot, DATA_x, DATA_y, xtitle = 'Depth (m)', ytitle = string('Brunt V'+A_dd+'s'+A_dd +
'l'+A_dd+'  Frequency'), color = 0

    oplot, DATA_x, DATA_z1, color = 50, psym = 5
    oplot, DATA_x, DATA_z2, color = 100, psym = -4

Leon Majewski

Remote Sensing & Satellite Research Group
Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia

email: majewski@ses.curtin.edu.au