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Re: plus minus symbol in Device Font

I just looked up the +/- symbol in the font examples.  In the standard
font the symbol is number 261 octal.  In the math font it's '+' or '-'
(for -/+).  Could you switch momentarily to vector fonts to pick up
these versions?  [ Unfortunately I must profess my ignorance on
fonts. ]


bcohen@lpl.arizona.edu (Barbara A Cohen) writes:
> I just transferred IDL and programs from a Mac Powerbook G3 to
> an iMac (Thanks Pavel, I got the Griffin iMate for $37 and it
> works great!).  I use device fonts and postscript output.  I want
> to make a plus/minus symbol inside a string to XYOUTS.  On my
> Powerbook, I used !M to go to math, then the Mac sequence for
> the character (alt shift =).  It shows up correctly in the idl
> screen and on the postscript.  On the iMac, it shows up in the
> idl screen, but NOT on the output, and in fact everything in
> the string to XYOUTS after it doesn't print either.  Any ideas?
> I don't want to have to break up the string and make 3 XYOUTS
> statements because then positioning becomes a problem.
> Thanks!
> Barbara.
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