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plus minus symbol in Device Font

I just transferred IDL and programs from a Mac Powerbook G3 to
an iMac (Thanks Pavel, I got the Griffin iMate for $37 and it
works great!).  I use device fonts and postscript output.  I want
to make a plus/minus symbol inside a string to XYOUTS.  On my
Powerbook, I used !M to go to math, then the Mac sequence for
the character (alt shift =).  It shows up correctly in the idl
screen and on the postscript.  On the iMac, it shows up in the
idl screen, but NOT on the output, and in fact everything in
the string to XYOUTS after it doesn't print either.  Any ideas?
I don't want to have to break up the string and make 3 XYOUTS
statements because then positioning becomes a problem.