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Aimy (hom@sask.usask.ca) writes:

> Would using the conventional XMANAGER event handling procedure prevent me
> from obtaining all of this data? I do not want to execute a procedure each
> time a field is changed; rather, I would like to store all the changed
> fields and use that information together somewhere else.
> Pavel, the code you gave me works, but I don't know how to obtain the
> string I inputed in the "File Name" field after I press the "OK" button.

Is doesn't matter what you use to collect
the data (although I wouldn't use CW_FORM
either). The important thing is that you store
the information on the form *outside* the program
so you can collect and return the data from the
widget definition module (after the XManager
command). By "outside" I mean in some kind of
pointer location.

You can either read my book on the subject of
writing dialog form widgets (:-)), or you can 
look at a simple example of such a program. Here is
one that goes with the book:



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