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idl 5.2 -> 5.3 problem: cw_form

Hi all,
	I've find that mailto:"Martha B. Kusterer"
<mbkusterer@toadmail.toad.net> has ask for a question about cw_form on
this forum, but i dont find the answer.. so i ask it again:

here what Martha wrote:
> I found that my code using cw_form with BUTTONs and DROPLISTs that worked in IDL 5.2
> on unix, no longer compiles in IDL 5.3. I get the error
> FIX: variable is undefined: VALUE in CW_FORM_BUILD line 352.
> Has anyone figured out how to get around this? I would greatly
> appreciate
> any help!

so i've find a lot of difference between cw_form.pro in idl 5.2 and 5.3
i finally change the code in cw_form.pro (5.3):
line 352: uextra = { VALUE: FIX(value) } 
became uextra = { VALUE: 0L }
as in cw_form.pro (5.2)

now it seem to works, but i'm not sure of what i've done. Is there
another workaround ?