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Re: IDL 5.3 serious problem: save files sneakily restored

Martin Schultz (martin.schultz@dkrz.de) writes:

> This is at least contrary to the online help of 5.3:

Well, who ya gonna believe? Me or the on-line help? :-)

> So, at least theoretically, pro should get executed before sav.
> And this makes all the sense in the world, because otherwise it
> would be hard for authors of compiled files to develop them -
> they would have to delete the sav file each time they modify the
> pro file and want to test changes. 

I can't understand how the pro should be executed before
the sav, even theoretically. How would the sav file *ever*
get executed unless it is the *first* once checked?

And it is not problem *testing* changed routines. Just
compile them. IDL *always* looks in memory first, sav
file second, and pro file third.

But I think you *do* have to delete the sav file
if you want the changed file to be found *automatically*. 
Although I'm too busy right now to test it. I'm going 
to leave that to Ben, since this is certainly an exam 
question. :-)


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