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Re: IDL 5.3 serious problem: save files sneakily restored

"Martin Schultz" <martin.schultz@dkrz.de> wrote in message
> When a file is specified by typing only the filename at the IDL
> prompt, IDL searches the current directory for filename.pro
> (where filename is the file specified) and then for filename.sav.
> If no file is found in the current directory, IDL searches in the
> same way in each directory specified by !PATH. If a file is
> found, IDL automatically compiles the contents and executes any
> functions or procedures that have the same name as the file
> specified (excluding the suffix).
> So, at least theoretically, pro should get executed before sav.
> And this makes all the sense in the world, because otherwise it
> would be hard for authors of compiled files to develop them -
> they would have to delete the sav file each time they modify the
> pro file and want to test changes.

In Python (which is many ways similar to IDL) the corresponding extensions
are .py (source code) and .pyc (compiled). When a .py file is compiled, a
.pyc file is created in the same directory. Thereafter Python loads the .pyc
unless the .py has a more recent modification date. This is one of those
ideas that is so clever it seems obvious once someone else has thought of
it. Why can't IDL do that?

Mark Hadfield
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