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Re: Sum along diagonals

Todd Clements (mole6e23@hotmail.com) writes:

> Having read this newsgroup for a while, I'm beginning to wonder
> if there is an IDL question you can't answer. (

Have you ever read Pablo Neruda's The Book of Questions?
Fabulous. Here is an example.

  Whom can I ask what I came
  to make happen in this world?

  Why do I move without wanting to,
  why am I not able to sit still?

  Why do I go rolling without wheels,
  flying without wings or feathers,

  and why did I decide to migrate
  if my bones live in Chile?
Here is one from The Book of IDL Questions
I hear he is writing.

   How many contours will I get if
   I let IDL select them?

   Who in his right mind thought we needed
   something like the Table Widget?

   Why is it so difficult to get PostScript output,
   and why are object graphics lines so thin?

   How hard can it be to write code that is
   incomprehensible? Do I need to know more, or less?



P.S. Let's just say I'll bet *those* questions take
Craig longer than five minutes to answer. :-)

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