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Re: Sum along diagonals

craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu wrote:
>How about this solution.  It's not a one-liner, and it uses two loops,

That works just fine! Once again, I am duly impressed. I'm sure it took me
longer to figure out your code than it did for you to write it! Absolutely
amazing. Having read this newsgroup for a while, I'm beginning to wonder
if there is an IDL question you can't answer. (Rhetorical - not meant to
open a can of worms such as the top requested feature thread!)

>There you go!  This is a speedy devil on my machine.

It sure is! I put your code into my code, and the running time went from
3.66 seconds <ahem> down to 0.15 seconds for each 512x512 image. It took a
2700x2700 'image' to make your code take 3.6 seconds!