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Re: Sum along diagonals

davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:

> Todd Clements (mole6e23@hotmail.com) writes:
> > Having read this newsgroup for a while, I'm beginning to wonder
> > if there is an IDL question you can't answer. (
> Here is one from The Book of IDL Questions
> I hear he is writing.
>    How many contours will I get if
>    I let IDL select them?
>    Who in his right mind thought we needed
>    something like the Table Widget?
>    Why is it so difficult to get PostScript output,
>    and why are object graphics lines so thin?
>    How hard can it be to write code that is
>    incomprehensible? Do I need to know more, or less?

At times like this I turn to the ancient poetry form, IDL-ku.  Like
the haiku it must adhere to the terse 5-7-5 syllable structure, but
must also be a compileable IDL program.  The equals sign, "=", can
either be silent or short-hand for the one-syllable, "is."

yes, _ref_extra = $
useful, NOT a, figment (from)
JDs, imagination

arrays, alter (shape)
at, unexpected, moments;
remember, reform (them)

display: the image;
for robust=results, please do $
use, imdisp OR plotimage

Nuggets of wisdom from the ages...  Not answers to every question, but
then again we must leave some mystery for the new people.


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