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Re: IDL 5.3 serious problem: save files sneakily restored

Mark Hadfield wrote:
> In Python (which is many ways similar to IDL) the corresponding extensions
> are .py (source code) and .pyc (compiled). When a .py file is compiled, a
> .pyc file is created in the same directory. Thereafter Python loads the .pyc
> unless the .py has a more recent modification date. This is one of those
> ideas that is so clever it seems obvious once someone else has thought of
> it. Why can't IDL do that?
Because RSI wants you to write more IDL code :-) ! We had a similar problem with 
reading large ASCII data files: you read the once ( file1.dat ) and save the data 
using SAVE ( file1.dat.sav ). When we re-read the file we check the modification 
date of both files and read the newer one. It works fine now but it was written 
partly in C to get the modification date of each file also in windows. Anyway, 
I read that IDL5.4 will have a full function FSTAT with it.


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