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Re: contour fill

Stephen O'Sullivan (so@amsta.leeds.ac.uk) writes:
> Thanks for your help but the problem that I didn't really make clear is
> that I need all the values contained within the specified closed contour,
> not just those above or below the contour value. In this sense it's a
> geometric thing.

Oh, well then, you are in for some work. :-)

You will have to use the Path_Info and Path_XY keywords
to fish out the contour lines you are concerned with
(lower and upper contour). You will have to use this
information to come up with some kind of polygon. (You
may have to use several polygons, depending upon how
complex this contour really is.) You can use the polygon
with PolyfillV to find all the indices in the image on
the display that meet the criteria but...

What good is it going to do you? Those geometric 
indices describe the *representation* of the data,
not the data itself. 

I think you are right back to where I put you before. :-)


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