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Re: contour fill

On Fri, 25 Aug 2000, David Fanning wrote:

> Oh, well then, you are in for some work. :-)
> You will have to use the Path_Info and Path_XY keywords
> to fish out the contour lines you are concerned with
> (lower and upper contour). You will have to use this
> information to come up with some kind of polygon. (You
> may have to use several polygons, depending upon how
> complex this contour really is.) You can use the polygon
> with PolyfillV to find all the indices in the image on
> the display that meet the criteria but...
> What good is it going to do you? Those geometric 
> indices describe the *representation* of the data,
> not the data itself. 
> I think you are right back to where I put you before. :-)

Sounds like a nightmare! I thought there might be some clever way
of tweaking the fill routine in contour (I'm a bit of an IDL novice). I
may have to write my own script to do this instead.

The reason I'm doing it is that I need some self-consistent way of
defining a closed region in a fluid flow problem. It doesn't matter if
it's ad hoc just so long as it's consistent.

Thank you for your help, 

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