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Re: contour fill

Stephen O'Sullivan (so@amsta.leeds.ac.uk) writes:

> Sounds like a nightmare!

I think you are beginning to get into the spirit 
of IDL contours! :-)
> The reason I'm doing it is that I need some self-consistent way of
> defining a closed region in a fluid flow problem. It doesn't matter if
> it's ad hoc just so long as it's consistent.

For a closed contour, this is really not so bad. Er, well, 
once you figure out how the Path_Info and Path_XY keywords
work. But PolyFillV is self-consistent if you take some
care in how you create your contour plot. For example,
always use the same size window, always position the contour
plot with the Position keyword, don't allow axis autoscaling, 
create your own contour levels, etc. etc. All the normal 
Contour things. :-)



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