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Re: Structure field concatenation

Martin Schultz (martin.schultz@dkrz.de) writes:

> Only if you want
> to replace the data in a structure element, then you need to free
> the pointer beforehand:
>    ;; Replace data of first structure
>    IF Ptr_Valid(periodcube[0].freq) THEN Ptr_Free,
> periodcube[0].freq
>    periodcube[0].freq  = Ptr_New( DIndgen(200)*0.1 )

Actually, as I've been trying to point out for
months now to no avail, it is NOT necessary to
free the pointer in this instance. IDL *takes
care of the memory management for you*. :-)

    IF Ptr_Valid(periodcube[0].freq) THEN $
       *periodcube[0].freq  = newThingy



P.S. I'm sure Martin knows this. He is just being
thorough. A trait I have noticed among Germans. :-)

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