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Axis labels

I am trying to label an axis but I encounter a problem that I can't
figure out. The font on the y-axis label comes out in different aspect
ratios depending on the y range. Sometimes the font is totally
unreadable and the rest of the time it is just ugly. Here is the code
and sorry if it's a simple probblem but I was following the example in
the on-line help.

   graph -> SetProperty, DATAX=x, DATAY=y
   graph -> GetProperty, XRANGE=xr, YRANGE=yr
   graph -> SetProperty, XCOORD_CONV=norm_coord(xr),
   xaxis -> SetProperty, RANGE=xr, XCOORD_CONV=norm_coord(xr)
   yaxis -> SetProperty, RANGE=yr, YCOORD_CONV=norm_coord(yr)

Dr. Edward Vigmond
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Tulane University