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Re: Axis labels


You might consider using David's NORMALIZE function instead of
NORM_COORD.  It handles non-float values and you can specify the position
of the axis (if you don't want to scale it from 0 to 1.)  If you forget
to make you range argument a floating point vector, NORM_COORD will
perfom a divide-by-integer, yielding unexpected results.   Check out

By the way, the RECOMPUTE_DIMENSIONS keyword is one that I always set so
rescaling is automatic.  I have always wished that the default was to
rescale and to prevent rescaling I had to set a keyword.


Ed Vigmond wrote:

> I am trying to label an axis but I encounter a problem that I can't
> figure out. The font on the y-axis label comes out in different aspect
> ratios depending on the y range. Sometimes the font is totally
> unreadable and the rest of the time it is just ugly. Here is the code
> and sorry if it's a simple probblem but I was following the example in
> the on-line help.
>    graph -> SetProperty, DATAX=x, DATAY=y
>    graph -> GetProperty, XRANGE=xr, YRANGE=yr
>    graph -> SetProperty, XCOORD_CONV=norm_coord(xr),
> YCOORD_CONV=norm_coord(yr)
>    xaxis -> SetProperty, RANGE=xr, XCOORD_CONV=norm_coord(xr)
>    yaxis -> SetProperty, RANGE=yr, YCOORD_CONV=norm_coord(yr)
> Thanks
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> Department of Biomedical Engineering
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