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Re: Minor ticks beyond last xtickv?

Todd Clements wrote:
> Hi there...
> I deal with direct graphics only (sorry!) and I was recently playing with
> xtickv to set up some axes in a certain way. The following command with
> some fake data shows my problem; it doesn't put minor ticks after the last
> tick value, and I'd really like it to. If you just let IDL do your axes,
> it will put them there. If you try to use xrange and set a higher xtickv
> to try and fake it, it ignores xrange. And I would like to have an exact
> range, not up to 5.0 or whatever. Any ideas on how to get those minor
> ticks?
> ;; Needs more ticks!
> plot,findgen(50)/50.*4.,findgen(50)^2,xrange=[0,4.8],$
>   xtickv=[.5,1.,1.5,2,2.5,3,3.5,4.],xticks=8,xstyle=1,xminor=8
> ;; Ignores xrange in favor of xtickv
> plot,findgen(50)/50.*4.,findgen(50)^2,xrange=[0,4.8],$
>   xtickv=[.5,1.,1.5,2,2.5,3,3.5,4.,4.5,5.],xticks=10,xstyle=1,xminor=8
> Todd


What exactly do you want?

I tried:
IDL> plot,findgen(50)/50.*4.,findgen(50)^2,xrange=[0,4.8],$

and it produces minor tick marks until the very end. If you want to
omit the *label* at 4.5, you could do
IDL> plot,findgen(50)/50.*4.,findgen(50)^2,xrange=[0,4.8],$
IDL> xtickname=['.5','1','1.5','2','2.5','3','3.5','4',' ','5']  

If you don't want a tick mark at 4.5 it becomes a little more
complicated. You would then have to use the axis command to create a
second axis with a ticklen paramater that is smaller.


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