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Re: Kodak buys RSI!!

I also fall into the "glass is half full" camp.

First of all, I think it natural that Kodak would want to acquire RSI.
If 70% of my business were from the sale of film (that's the number the
papers quoted for Kodak this week), then I would try to get into the
digital world as fast as possible, and acquisiton of  RSI would seem a
natural step.

At least in astronomy, Kodak has a long history of working with

And even if Kodak focuses future developments toward imaging, most of
these 2-d tools (e.g. wavelets, time-series) should also be applicable
for 1-d spectra -- that is sort of the way that IDL is designed.

And Kodak may have the marketing power to substantially increase the IDL
market, and maybe even decrease the price per license.   (Boy, I really
am an optimist!)

My main concern is that the direction of IDL can now be subject to the
whims of Kodak headquarters, especially given their current financial
problems.    So I will be watching the next few months to see if Kodak
has a coherent plan for RSI.

Now how do the Boulder employees feel about moving to Rochester, NY??

--Wayne Landsman

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