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Kodak buys RSI!!

Hello IDLers,

What's the word on the street? This is news to me. A couple of questions:

1. Why does Kodak want RSI?
2. Given the answer to 1., what does this *really* mean for the future of

To speculate wildly, I would guess that Kodak needs a specific aspect of
RSI - perhaps Rivertools or ENVI for some application of field they are
moving into. Whatever it is, it's cheaper for them to buy an established
application and mold it to their needs (and the irony of it if they only
want Spyglass!). Now unless they've suddenly moved into the market of
scientific analysis and visualization, I'd say this is a very bad thing for
most of us.Of course I hope I'm wrong. I wonder whether we can get a refund
on our maintainance contracts?