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Re: Kodak buys RSI!!

Pete Riley (uk2@linuxfan.com) writes:
> Hello IDLers,
> What's the word on the street? <snip>

The word is that RSI is now "on the street".  Wall Street that is.  RSI 
is now a part of the Dow Industrials!  How about that?  The performance 
of RSI will now be reflected (in some very minor respect) in the movement 
of the DJIA along with the likes of Intel and Microsoft and a few other 
fly-by-night organizations. ;-)

As an aside, EK issued a profit warning today.  Coincidence?  :-(    

It will be interesting to watch how this deal works out in the end, but 
as an investor, it is a very interesting move to say the least.  I got in 
touch with some folks at RSI a few years ago to see if the had any plans 
on going public in the future.  I guess I have my answer now.

Bill Sawchuck
Alexandria, VA