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Re: Kodak buys RSI!!

William (wmc@bas.ac.uk) writes:

> Sounds like a bad scenario to me. I'll have to hope you're wrong...

I tried to make it obvious that I'm just as much
in the dark about what this "really" means as anyone
else. You just figure that Kodak, the "imaging as
information" people, are probably focusing on the
"image" part of any list they happen to be prioritizing.
I know I would be.

> I do essentially no image processing, just like the vast majority
> of people I know using IDL / PV-WAVE (hey, does that mean we'll have
> to switch over to PV-WAVE?).

I'm sure the PV-Wave and Matlab folks will make it
their business to make you think so. But I would
resist their efforts for a year or so. NO one
knows what this means yet. And IDL is NOT going
away anytime soon. It is WAY too early to panic. :-)

> ps - did any of your stock options come in?!?




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