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new IDL mapping application


For the past couple of years I have been building a mapping application that
I use for my own projects.  In the past year I have spent quite a bit of
time turning it into an application that others can use.  So now I am
looking for individuals to beta test the program for me.  If you are
interested go to www.rlkling.com/html/mapviz.htm and you can download the
mapViz zip file.  Follow the readme in the zip file on where to install the

So what does mapViz do?
At the most basic level it is a GUI wrapper to the IDL mapping routines.
However, it does much more. Capabilities include.
1. Add lines, polygons, contours, images to the map using either a procedure
or method call. (no more oplot, etc.)
2. Import LAC and GAC AVHRR images onto the map. (The ones that you can
download from www.saa.noaa.gov.)
3. Control the drawing order of the lines, contours, etc using an
interactive interface.  For example, using mapViz it is easy to put filled
continents on top of a contour and then change your mind and put the contour
back on top again.
4. HTML based help to guide you through the learning curve.
5. This program can be used from either the command line or called from
other programs. In fact, I use it mainly as a utility program for displaying
mapping data that other IDL applications generate.
This is just a short list, but I don't want to make too long of a

This version will stop working after Jan 1, 2001 and anyone is free to
download it. The only thing I would ask is that you send me an email at
ronn@rlkling.com letting me know what kind of system you will be running it
on. Of course, please send any bugs you find to the same email. I am also
very interested in what you would like to see added.


Ronn Kling
Ronn Kling Consulting
email: ronn@rlkling.com
"Application Development with IDL"  programming book updated for IDL5.3!
Shareware and Freeware at: http://www.rlkling.com/