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Re: landscape plots

I'd recommend checking out David Fanning's web site. For instance,
http://www.dfanning.com/tips/ps_landscape.html and http://www.dfanning.com/programs/docs/fsc_psconfig.html


Stuart Colley wrote:
> hi,
> I tried using the /Landscape keyword to produce a Landscape plot when
> using the PS device, since the default is portrait.  When viewing the
> resulting .ps file with ghostview, the ghostview window is changed to be
> landscape rather than portrait, but the plot is totally screwed up.  Only
> about 5% of the image (image is a mixture of Plot and Tv) is in the
> window, and from what I can see of the image, it appears that it has been
> rotated through 180 degrees.
> Is there anything else I must do other than set /Landscape when using
> Device?
> cheers,
> S