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Filename order: interactive arranging

A little problem with list sorting:
I'm trying to produce an animation from data reduced from several files.
I can now home in on the data (thanks to David Fanning), isolate the
subsets of interest from each file and produce an MPEG movie. Great!
However, because I simply choose the files in a dialog_pickfile, the
order of the files in the animation is determined by the OS's standard
file sort mechanism (I think). I've considered using a listbox to get
the indicies of the selected filenames in order of the users clicking
and use these values to re-arrange the filenames in the array returned
by dialog_pickfile. I have not delved into widget programming yet

I expect that this may not be too uncommon a thing for people to want to
do, so maybe again there is a solution waiting out there somwhere?

Thanks for any advice,

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