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Re: Filename order: interactive arranging


I have written an object/GUI that allows the user to move items from one
list into another.  The items in the second list can be shuffled around
within the list.
It is similar to David's linked list, but it has a GUI interface.  One
limitation it has, that a linked list doesn't share, is that the values in
the list must be representable as strings.   This limits the input to
strings and numbers only; filenames will be fine (but you may want to strip
the path info off the filenames.)  If you want to have a flexible listing
for pointers, objects or complex data values (like structures) then the
linked list is neccessary.

Please find it attached as a ZIP file. Test drive it from the command line
with the following:   oList = PRC_DUALLIST(/Realize, /Multi, /Shuffle)


Ben Tupper
248 Lower Round Pond Road
POB 106
Bristol, ME 04539

Tel: (207) 563-1048
Email: PemaquidRiver@tidewater.net