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Was: Curious... Now: What will IDL be like

I have contacted Kodak and received an e-mail assuring me that IDL will
continue to be developed as universal as it is now. Let me provide a
couple of citations:

"We believe this partnership will be beneficial not only to the two
companies, but to the products and customers as well."
"we agree that it [IDL] has made its name on being a full purpose
scientific programming language.  It is our
intent to continue to enhance IDL, not only in the area of image
processing but in the analysis and formats side as well.  We have a very
large customer base and we intend to continue to listen and respond to
the need of all of
our customers."
"p.s. IDL 5.4 is almost ready, we expect to be shipping sometime in October."

This info came from the Chief Operating Officer at RSI. I am not sure I
am feeling 100% safe, but at least better.

Chris Rennie wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been following this newsgroup for years, yet still don't
> know what PVWave is.  Now, unsettled by the news that IDL will be
> absorbed Kodak, I finally looked up their web site and am a bit
> clearer.  But can anyone tell me how it is that IDL and PVWave
> come to be so similar, and what are their relative merits?
> --
> Chris Rennie