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Re: Complex data type


I don't think there's a way to do this without separating the real and
imaginary parts in some way.  The simplest way of separating them,
however, is to simply use an additional dimension of 2 on the data. 
Then you can store the data in a single structure, so long as you know
that one axis simply separates the real and complex parts.


"Júlio Maranhão" wrote:
> I just wanna know if there is a portable Scientific Data Format (like HDF,
> CDF) that supports complex type variables. I think HDF and CDF don´t. And I
> wouldn´t like to separate it in Real and Imaginary parts. Currently I´m
> using the SAVE procedure and it´s very easy. But it´s temporarily (and not
> portable. At least to non-IDL users).