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markusreichstein@my-deja.com wrote:

> So what's the history of those two ? (in evolution very unlikely two
> organisms with a nearly equal 'syntax' emerge) Is one the copy of the
> other?

the following may not be completely accurate, but...

I *think* it's the case that they share a common source base from a
previous IDL version.  Precision Visuals (as it then was) effectively
made it under license, but eventually used an option in the license to
buy the source and develop it independently as a separate product.

Thus, core language *is* the same, but things which have developed since
(i.e., widgets) are completely different.

> What are their respective merits? (I use PV-WAVE...) 

We used to use Wave but switched, primarily as IDL was cheaper and we
had an offer to switch for the price of the upcoming Wave support
contract payment, so it was economics that did it for us.  We've had
fairly equivalent mileage on the whole as far as the actual product
goes.  Both have nice points, both have sucky ones (competition for
worst nobrain GUI front end is quite intense! ;-))


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