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no one wants to answer questions about the relationship between IDL and
PV-WAVE. I posted a mail 2 months ago, curious about IDL, now there was
the mail 'Curious' about 'PV-WAVE', with answers about IDL and KODAK....

So what's the history of those two ? (in evolution very unlikely two
organisms with a nearly equal 'syntax' emerge) Is one the copy of the

What are their respective merits? (I use PV-WAVE...) Is the rumor
right, that IDL cannot perform correctly non-linear parameter
estimation, like the ISML Stats package in WAVE?

When I'll have do with simulation modelling and remote sensing, should I
stick to WAVE or take the (now risky??) option IDL?

I bet that someone knows the answers to these questions. Are they too

Markus Reichstein -- Ecosystem Ecology -- University of Bayreuth

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