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Re: How can I change the color of a WIDGET_BASE?

Miguel Angel Cordoba wrote:

> Hi,
> how can I change the color of a WIDGET_BASE?

I'd suggest to capture the window, save the screen shot as GIF file,
replace colors with your favorite MS image editor and place that figure
in the manual for your software (that you are writing, too, as you go,
right? :-)
Then, because nothing can be done about base colors that would be
cross-platform, leave the code as it is. But say to the user that in
*their* discounted version colored bases are not implemented, and to get
colored bases that they see in the manual will cost them extra.
This is a "win-win" situation: they *believe* you are so good that the
bases are colored, but they will never pay extra just to find out how
you did that. You will be safe :-)