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I have released IDLWAVE version 4.4  For "normal" users the only
important changes are (1) and (2), the rest is for you object

1. Completion supports system variables and system variable tags.  Try
   for example M-TAB after


2. The IDLWAVE online help system (which must be downloaded and
   installed separately)  is now hyperlinked extensively.

3. Objects with name "self" in the source code of a method are
   automatically assumed to be of the correct class. 

4. IDLWAVE understands inheritance in all important contexts.  So if
   the class of an object is known (like for "self"), completion of
   method names lists the native and all inherited methods.

5. Completion of class tags on "self" objects.  So M-TAB after


   lists all tags of the current class, including inherited tags.

For inheritance to work, IDLWAVE needs to scan the part of the IDL
local library tree which contains the object and method definitions
you use.

Again, JD Smith has tested and encouraged much of this development. 


- Carsten


If you are using XEmacs, wait one or two days, then the new IDLWAVE
package (1.22 I believe) will be available on the XEmacs site.